RIVERA TBR-1 / III / Presentation de la Gamme

Cette présentation est issue du site Rivera de 2003. Si le guitariste de Tower of Power les utilisait, je pense que c’est du matos de qualité! Rudolph Schenker par contre !? Bon après tout, ça ressemble à une pièce tombé d’un Panzer alors pourquoi pas.

~DISCONTINUED~ Tube Rack [TBR] Series

Tube Rack [TBR] Series ampsTube Rack Series
Innovative, ruggedly built to take the years of abusive road life, and bursting with a wide palette of great tones, each TBR series amplifier is built on a custom basis to be the centerpiece in a rack system.  The TBR series has undergone several evolutions in its 10 years of production.  The TBR-1 produces a maximum of 60 watts per side (60×2, using EL34 power tubes) and is switchable between 60, 30, 15, and 8 watts.  The TBR-2 creates a massive 160 watts per side (160×2, using 6550A power tubes), and is switchable between 160 and 80 watts per side.

Two voicings are available:  “SL” (Super Lead) and “M” (Maximum flexibility).  Channel Two on TBR-1 and TBR-2 features our TMEQ voicing (Tunable Midrange EQ).  This channel delivers lots of headroom for big rhythm playing. Separate reverb controls for each channel, as well as a stereo effects loop, are provided.  Pickup Compensation (PCOMP) allows adjusting preamp sensitivity to match guitar pickup output levels.

Power class (Triode/Pentode) as well as a high-/low-power standby switches allow four different output power levels to be chosen.  Steel guitar players have told us that the TBR-2M is one of the finest steel guitar amps available.

TBR-3 and TBR-5 power amps incorporate a preamp section that allows the power amp to be driven to full power even by instrument-level signals.  Each power amp channel may be independently operated at four different power levels.  Also, dual Focus and Presence controls are provided for accurate speaker resonance control.  TBR-5 power amps are legendary for use in the recording studio as playback amps, and for use in bass guitar systems.

All TBR models are fan-cooled, drawing air from the rear and blowing it out of the front.  This keeps the rear of the rack cool and your effects from suffering meltdown.  Special oversized output transformers are utilized for great tone and cool running.  Impedance selectors (4, 8, or 16 ohms) are provided, as well as line out jacks with level controls.

Famous TBR users include Ted Nugent to Rudolph Schenker of the Scorpions, David Williams (on tour with Michael Jackson), Gary Burnette (Nashville session player), John Sykes (Blue Murder; Whitesnake), Paul Jackson Jr. (LA session player/Whitney Houston), Jason Bieler (Saigon Kick, Super Trans-Atlantic), Foko, Bruce Conte (Tower Of Power, El Chicano) and Jerry Garcia (God bless his soul).


TBR-1M, Front View
Rivera TBR1M amplifier

TBR-2SL, Front View

TBR-3, Front View
Rivera S120 Hammer amplifier

TBR-2, Rear View

TBR-3, Rear View




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